How it all started for me…

Wednesday, 3 November 2010 11:33 by G7EIX

The photo below is from 1989.   That was my 109” Land Rover FNW60Y, the same Land Rover that took me through so many events in my life.

I learned to drive and took my test in this 2.25 liter 4-Cylinder beast.  No official lessons, just 5000 miles of driving at the side of Sonny – G7DCT every evening for 4 weeks and then I turned up for the test and passed first time.

I made my first 2m SSB contact from the top of Otley Chevin (the pic below)

I covered around 80 WAB (Worked All Britain) squares with Sonny G7DCT and Keith G4VRW using a hand crank 13 element Yagi and a Yaesu FT-290 with a 30Watt Microwave Modules Amplifier.

Most weekends would see us throw a small generator and the antennas in the back and head out on the road to visit the hills and dales around Yorkshire, England.

I miss it.


How did it start for you?

Got a story?

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